Monday, May 2, 2011

Ambarella Plum Sorbet


Ambarella11Got the inspiration for this sorbet from a drink so popular at a Ipoh Chicken Rice Shop located in Kota Damansara that I usually frequent. I think they have one of the best chicken rice around, but they also make  the most amazing blended Kedondong (a.k.a ambarella, ambra, golden apple) and sour plum drink.  I have been to many other eateries which also serves this very drink but no place prepares this drink better. In fact, it was the boss himself that suggested the idea of turning this drink into ice cream.  He says instead of drinking it, people could then slowly savour the taste by eating it. I thought better sorbet, to maintain likeness to the drink. 

Two days later in the morning as promised, he shows up with 5kg of kedondong fruit and I decided to make this new sorbet that same afternoon! End result is a really fresh tasting sorbet, tartness of the kedondong is rounded and balanced by a mixture of sourness and saltiness of the grated sour plum. To thank him for his brilliant suggestion and also obtain his stamp of approval on the taste, I sent the Chicken Rice Boss a batch of the sorbet that very same evening =)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Avocado Ice Cream

One of my favourite ice creams is AVOCADO ICE CREAM. Avocadoes has a creamy texture and very subtle taste. The blended creamy flesh of ripen avocadoes combined with a great ice cream base results in extra smooth and densed ice cream. Avocado ice cream reminds me of the avocado milkshakes I drank in Indonesia, so I normally top mine with chocolate sauce. It is difficult to get Avocadoes in Kuala Lumpur. I can only find the imported ones from South Africa and Australia. So making this ice cream here is expensive! One small avocado cost RM5.00 to 6.00 each in the supermarket. I even tried scouring few wet markets and still I see imported Avocadoes.So this time I asked my brother who was returning from Sabah to KL to get me as much as he could carry from Sabah. I was so excited to see them when he arrived. Avocadoes are in abundance in Sabah when in season. I have seen some as huge as a papaya when I used to buy them at the market! The ones he brought back were not as large but they were still larger than the imported ones we have here. Now I have a plan to get avocadoes air flown in whenever someone returns from Sabah.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moroccan Inspired Ice Creams

We received a request from one of our clients who was hosting a Moroccan themed dinner party to make for them Cardamom or Cinnamon Ice Cream for dessert.

I for one love spices and I am quite adventurous when it comes to trying out new flavours. However, most of the Malaysian customers normally prefer classic flavours. So I get excited when customers request for out of the ordinary flavours like cinnamon and cardamom.

We decided on making Cinnamon Ice Cream as I thought it would be easily more accepted because it is sweet, aromatic but not too overwhelming. Cardamom has a faint lemon taste and eucalyptus overtones which is nice but indulged as it is, am not too sure. I would think combining Cardamom with another citrus fruit would make a lovely ice cream.

Made a rich ice cream mix and infused Cinnamon sticks in milk together with a stick of Madagascar vanilla bean. Nearing the end of the freezing process we added cinnamon powder so that every scoop of ice cream would contain golden specks of cinnamon.

This ice cream would go well with a chocolate dessert or any poached fruit like apple or pear!

Walaa~~~The finished product!

N.B. Post published on written date. In February, we also made Coffee Cardamom Ice Cream and Orange Thyme Sorbet for other clients.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sabah Best 2009

A picture of our booth from the Sabah Best Expo 2009 that took place at the Sabah Trade Center from June 26th to 28th. The turnout to this exhibition was not as we anticipated and alot of the other booths closed early. I wonder why....

I love children. I enjoy the way they express themselves. The boy in the picture is the son of our booth neighbour. His parents did not want him to have ice cream and throughout the event he hanged around our booth. He kept asking for a taste and I was taken with how smart he was for a 4 year old boy. I laughed so much talking to him. Finally, we got permission from his mum to let him have a small scoop of ice cream.

In return for the ice cream his mum told him that he must market Vedablu Ice Cream as payment in kind. This boy will grow up to be an amazing marketeer. He went out to the main entrance stood there eating a scoop of Belgian Chocolate, and as people came in he declared loudly "Jom... beli ais krim~~!!" ("Come on.. buy some ice cream~~!"). People actually came and bought ice cream! He was very persistent and everyone thought he was the most charming boy.

I told him to eat faster, because his ice cream was starting to melt. He told me that if he ate faster it would finish faster. He then asked me if I could keep him in the display freezer so he could finish up all the ice cream! LOL!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vedablu @ 24th Sabah Dragon Boat Race

After: Picture taken during 20th June (Saturday) late afternoon

Events often take alot of planning and time. There is never a guarantee of us having good results, but often we do this to be apart of the happenings in our small town Kota Kinabalu.

Before: empty space before the set up

Like many other events this year, this is the first time we set up a booth at the newly constructed Public Park at Tg Lipat. We got a nice place under a huge tree next to the stage area. The weather was so hot... that our freezers couldn't maintain the needed temperatures to sell our ice cream like we do in our outlets. We were thankful though for the strong winds, that kept us cool, but kept blowing our large banners away.

Multicoloured flags

Attached are just a few of the before and after photos of our booth set up. Didn't manage to take pictures while the races were taking place because we were also busy serving our customers in the booth. All the pictures were taken with my mobile phone. While I was sitting and resting at the booth, the multicoloured flags that fluttered in the wind against the backdrop of a clear blue sky caught my attention. I felt DBKK (our municipal council) particularly did a good job at this event keeping the whole area clean, as compared to other events we have joined. So... my weekend was spent in Tg. Lipat working, while watching the sea and sunset. Next weekend, we will be setting up a booth at Sabah Trade Center for the Sabah Best 2009 exhibition showcasing all things Sabah. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hospital Likas Blood Drive @ City Mall

This is the second time we are sponsoring the annual blood drive organized by Hospital Likas held in City Mall. The event was held on June 6 -7, 2009 . This year it was bigger and there was more hype as the blood drive was held in conjuction with a Baby Show.

This year Vedablu sponsored 600 scoops to blood donors and participants of the baby show.

Participants and blood donors, getting their ice creams!

The Baby Show, sponsored by Mother Care and Kids Avenue

Vedablu 1 Borneo Parlour

Been meaning to upload a pictures of our newly opened parlour since 2 weeks ago. Been too busy, but here it is, Vedablu's 3rd parlour and 8th outlet opening.

We are situated just behind the Tuah Baker's Kiosk, opposite Face Shop and next to Magic Bite on the Concorse level.

Products we carry here include Vedablu Premium Ice Creams (a minimum of 15 flavour selections), Ice Cream Cakes, Classic Cakes and Pies, Ice Cream Based Desserts, Hot/Cold Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Beverages and Fresh Fruit Smoothies.

If you happen to be in 1 Borneo, and craving for good quality ice cream, come and visit us!