Monday, May 2, 2011

Ambarella Plum Sorbet


Ambarella11Got the inspiration for this sorbet from a drink so popular at a Ipoh Chicken Rice Shop located in Kota Damansara that I usually frequent. I think they have one of the best chicken rice around, but they also make  the most amazing blended Kedondong (a.k.a ambarella, ambra, golden apple) and sour plum drink.  I have been to many other eateries which also serves this very drink but no place prepares this drink better. In fact, it was the boss himself that suggested the idea of turning this drink into ice cream.  He says instead of drinking it, people could then slowly savour the taste by eating it. I thought better sorbet, to maintain likeness to the drink. 

Two days later in the morning as promised, he shows up with 5kg of kedondong fruit and I decided to make this new sorbet that same afternoon! End result is a really fresh tasting sorbet, tartness of the kedondong is rounded and balanced by a mixture of sourness and saltiness of the grated sour plum. To thank him for his brilliant suggestion and also obtain his stamp of approval on the taste, I sent the Chicken Rice Boss a batch of the sorbet that very same evening =)

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